why the deliberate drought in California? you decide

first see this http://modernsurvivalblog.com/government-gone-wild/map-showing-stunning-extent-of-federal-controlled-land/     notice the area of California.   now remember the cliven bundy ranch affair where senator harry ried wanted to confiscate his land.  it later came out he had a contract with a chinese company for building a massive solar farm in the area as well as the BLM having huge land leasing incentives for fracking http://m.naturalnews.com/news/044670_BLM_lies_fracking_leases_Bundy_ranch.html     and see   http://www.independentsentinel.com/chilling-truth-siege-of-bundy-ranch-reaches-into-the-white-house/     now piece this all together with “how are we going to get millions of people off of frackable, mineable,  solar farmable land worth probably TRILLIONS of dollars and get these people to sell their property (to who?  i bet the ‘ol federalies will be first in line) at dirt cheap prices?  enter HAARP and the man made California drought.


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